17 years of the School existence

The School started its activity on the education market in 2000 by the decision of the Ministry of Education and it was registered in the record of non-public professional colleges under the number 147 -currently under number 312.

Positive assessments of the Polish Accreditation Commitee (PKA)

The School’s studies and specializations have received positive PKA evaluations.

Practical skills

Apart from acquiring general and specialist knowledge, the student also gains specific practical skills during the course of study. It is done through professional practice, field exercises, internships (including foreign ones).

Social activity

We are a school of a social character, cooperating with local authorities and with local social environments including entrepreneurs, artists, teachers and secondary school students (the following schools are under our special patronage: Complex of Comprehensive and Secondary Schools in Pawłosiów and Juliusz Słowacki Complex of Secondary and Technical Schools in Jarosław).

Modern didactic base

We provide excellent conditions for studying in modern teaching facilities and in a friendly natural environment in Rzeszów along Miłocińska Street. In 2007/2008 a modernized didactic building with lecture halls, academic staff rooms, a club and a student buffet was put into use. In 2011 there was an opening of a new didactic building with a lecture hall, a lecture room, the library with Internet and classic reading rooms and rooms for the School’s administration.

Cooperation with scientific and research centres

Rzeszów School of Engineering and Economics cooperates with important scientific and research centres.

International partners

College of Agricultural Sciences, The Pensylwania State University – USA
Hochschule Nubrandenburg (University of Applied Sciences) – Niemcy
Slovakian University of Agriculture in Nitra – Slovakia
School of Economics and Management in Public Administration in Bratislava –Slovakia
University of Technical Sciences in Kosice – Slovakia
National Academy of Natural Sciences and Civil Engineering in Crimea – Ukraine
Lvov Technical University – Ukraine
Lvov National University of Agriculture in Dublany – Ukraine
University of Technology in Bratislava

Domestic partners

Hugo Kołłątaj University of Agriculture in Cracow
Bohdan Dobrzański Institute of Agrophysics at National Academy of Sciences in Lublin
University of Rzeszów
School of Management and Languages in Katowice

Foreign programs

The School enables students to participate in European Erasmus programs.


Programs of both full-time and part-time studies provide education in foreign languages, which are taught by professional teachers.  Foreign language classes prepare student for language certificate exams.

Grants and scholarships

The school provides its students with various forms of co-financing including Rector’s scholarships for top students (for academic performance, academic achievement, athletic or artistic achievement), maintenance grants, special financial aid for the disabled and one-time assistance grants.

Discounts on fees

Rzeszów School of Engineering and Economics offers:
discounts for WSI-E graduates on postgraduate fees (10%),
discounts for WSI-E students coming from the same family – the same household (15%), discounts for students undertaking two fields of studies.

Friendly atmosphere

We are characterized by an individual approach to the student and friendly service

Attractive surroundings

Campus of School of Engineering and Economics is situated far from the city centre, in a picturesque quarter of Rzeszów along Miłocińska Street. School buildings are located nearby a monumental park. In the neighbourhood there are numerous recreational facilities frequently used by both students and school employees, particularly in spring and in summer. They include a stud farm, tennis courts, a sports hall and playing fields.