Rzeszów School of Engineering and Economics is authorised to offer first-cycle studies (Engineer studies) in the field of SURVEYING AND CARTOGRAPHY upon the Decision of the Ministry of Science and University Education No. DSW-3-4120-420/RO/02 of 20 May 2002 (the studies last 3.5 years – 7 semesters)

Two specializations are offered: Geodetic Spatial Planning and Geoinformatics, which provide the student with the basic knowledge in the field of mathematics, natural and technical sciences, and with the specialist knowledge in the field of surveying and cartography and the detailed knowledge in the field of a given specialization.

Profile of education – practical

The practical profile of education provides students with wide contact with practice thanks to the staff engaged in teaching activities being competent and experienced professionals- representatives of companies and institutions operating in a given sector. Transferred knowledge is complemented with internships carried out in companies and institutions which have declared cooperation in this field and in the form of field classes.

Specialization:  Geodetic Spatial Planning

The graduate will possess competences in: real estate management; real estate cadastre; numerical development and presentation of surveying measurement results; identification and recording of real estate ownership; data acquisition for spatial information systems and real estate management systems; planning development of rural areas; making measurements and developing maps for real estate cadastre; geodetic implementation and handling with investments and taking action in real estate development.

Specialization: Geoinformatics

The graduate will possess competences in: measurements and numerical mapping (including automation of processing of measurement data); planning and implementing geodetic controls using GPS technology; computer numerical mapping systems and related databases; processing photogrammetric images (aerial and satellite ones) and raster maps; performing special tasks in surveying engineering and advanced analysis in Spatial Information Systems, including complex queries to databases and raster-vector operations. The graduate is prepared for: conducting engineering activities in the field of surveying, cartography and spatial information systems; using modern techniques of surveying, satellite, photogrammetric and remote sensing measurements as well as processing the results of these measurements and taking use of them.