On the basis of concluded agreements Rzeszów School of Engineering and Economics cooperates with many scientific institutions and universities. This cooperation concentrates on joint research, exchange of scientific publications, participation of staff in didactic classes, sharing research equipment and library resources as well as supporting the education of the School’s scientific and research staff and organizing second-cycle studies for graduates of WSI-E. Moreover, altogether with many units the School co-organizes seminars and conferences, co-creates training programs for new fields of study or consults already existing and organizes exchanges within the Erasmus program. On the other hand, students co-organize for example student culture days.

  • Domestic universities and scientific units that Rzeszów School of Engineering and Economics cooperates with:
    Bohdan Dobrzanski Institute of Agrophysics at Polish Academy of Sciences in Lublin
  • University of Rzeszów
  • Hugo Kołłątaj University of Agriculture in Cracow
  • St. Józef Sebastian Pelczar Theological and Pastoral Institute in Rzeszów
  • School of Marketing Management and Foreign Languages in Katowice

Important element of the activity of Rzeszów School of Engineering and Economics is a broad cooperation with business practice, which aims to support the teaching process by people with much practical experience in the profession and to create appropriate conditions for the education of students in practical fields of studies.

In view of the above, the School realizes cooperation with the following entities:

IBD Business School Ltd. Noble Manhattan Coaching in Warsaw
AlgoResSoft Roman Kadaj, Tomasz Świętoń in Rzeszów,
Training and Therapeutic Center “SELF” CLP in Rzeszów,
CERTUS Ltd. in Rzeszów,
Trading company “BOZ” Inc. in Rzeszów,
NOEZA company in Mielec,
Konrad Bartoszek training company in Rzeszów,
Przemysław Kolasa training company in Rzeszów,
Training company YOUR CAREER PATH in Rzeszów,
Geokart International Ltd. in Rzeszów,
GEOMAT Surveying Services by Lucjan Matkowski,
INVESTGIS Ltd. in Cracow,
PRODER Ltd. in Cracow,
Lawyer’s office “STATUS” in Rzeszów,
Town-Municipal Social Assistance Centre in Nowa Sarzyna,
The National Association of Professional Mediators in Warsaw,
The National Association of Professional Mediators,
OPGK Inc. in Rzeszów,
Partners in Progress Ltd. in Jasionka,
Podkarpackie Association of Real Estate Agents and Advisors in Rzeszów,
Podkarpackie Association of Property Appraisers in Rzeszów,
Podkarpackie Association of Property Managers in Rzeszów,
Podkarpackie Centre of Teachers Education in Rzeszow,
Podkarpackie Agricultural Advisory Centre (PODR) in Boguchwała,
Polish Mediation Centre in Stalowa Wola,
Psychological and Pedagogical Counselling Centre No. 2 in Rzeszów,
Poviat Labour Office in Rzeszów,
Rzeszów Association of Realtors
Association of Polish Surveyors in Rzeszów,
TPI Ltd. in Warsaw,
Surveying and Cartographic Services “EMPIGEO” in Rzeszów,
Fruit Growing Facility “Przyborów” Ltd. in Przyborów,
Magnesia Facilities “ROPCZYCE” Inc. in Ropczyce.

Rzeszów School of Engineering and Economics conducts broad educational and promotional activities in secondary schools. This cooperation focuses on the organization of workshops and various types of didactic classes for students, providing access to the School’s didactic base and the hardware base and organizing joint cultural events, competitions, study trips, etc. These activities are a result of agreements signed with the following schools:

  • The Complex of Agribusiness in Rzeszów,
  • The Complex of Continuing Education Schools in Rzeszów,
  • The Complex of Technical and General Education Schools in Jarosław,
  • The Complex of Road -Surveying and General Education Schools in Jarosław,
  • The Complex of Secondary Schools no. 5 in Krosno,
  • Kazimierz Wielki Complex of Schools no.4 in Sanok,
  • The Complex of Agrotechnical Schools in Ropczyce,
  • The Complex of Building Construction Schools in Jasło.