For Rzeszów School of Engineering and Economics it is especially important to transfer knowledge to practice, that is to share knowledge with industry and business environment in order to use it in practice. This transfer is made through conferences, scientific seminars and projects.

Currently, research for economic practice has been continued under the project “Internship-scientist’s success” by realizing the following themes:

– Terrestrial laser scanning as a new technology service in the construction industry,

– Automation of the technology of establishing a geodetic base for an infrastructural network in the spatial information system,

– Developing and implementing fast and cheap technology of spatial data acquisition using a stationary laser scanner  (Faro, Leica, etc.), small size objects (small architecture, details, sculptures, industrial elements) in the form of both point clouds and spatial grids with millimeter and submillimeter accuracy.

Results of scientific research conducted under the project “Internship- scientist’s success” have strengthened cooperation with business practice, acquisition of practical skills by the School’s academic staff, improvement of production processes in enterprises as well as improvement of the educational program, with optional subjects, field work and student practice. A few months of internship completed by our academic staff in surveying companies have paid off during the implementation of the didactic process by adopting and presenting new technological solutions to students. Research and teaching staff acquired new skills and had the opportunity to confront science with activities in surveying production.

Organized scientific conferences and seminars also promote contacts between the academic community and the area of business and practice. Scientific conferences have addressed the following issues:

  • Innovative geodetic technologies – application in various spheres of economy
  • Digital cartography and geoinformation
  • Land consolidation in motorway construction sites
  • The role of geodesy in the national economy
  • Energy management – ENERGY 2008
  • Automotive and power industry of agriculture
  • Gardening of the Podkarpackie region – Present state and future development opportunities
  • Alternative sources of income for the agricultural population
  • Healthy food-safe country
  • Transformations of the contemporary Polish family