At the School of Engineering and Economics research is carried out in the field of socio-economic sciences and technical sciences.

Scientific research carried out in recent years by academic teachers in the field of technical sciences have concerned the following areas:
Assessing the impact of motorway location on spatial development of rural land and identifying ways to eliminate its negative effects,
Optimization of local corrections in transformational tasks between cartographic systems on the example of 1965 and 2000 systems,
– Method of determining the urgency of the need of land consolidation and exchange,
– Comparative analysis of processing hyperspectral data of diversified resolution,
– Evaluating the functionality of computer programs used in geodetic production

Current research topics are:
Exchange of geospatial information,
– Measurement of Orthodox churches in Bieszczady using a laser scanner,
– Investigation of algorithms and methods of developing measurements of steel pipe flanges,
– Investigation of defects in spatial structure of rural areas in the southern and south-eastern Poland,
–Researching deformation of engineering structures of the Dniestr Hydroelectric Plant and the Rivne Nuclear Power Plant using an automated geodetic network ,
– Researching changes in small glaciers of Antarctic islands near the Ukrainian station“Vernadsky”,
– Tectonic research on deformation and seismic activity in Europe.

The scientific and research process is carried out in the form of:
· research projects financed by the Ministry of Science and University Education,
· projects funded by European Union funds,
· research financed by the School out of its own resources.