In cooperation with the Polish Academy of Sciences our School publishes scientific journals such as TEKA, MOTROL, EKONTECHMOD, in case of which Lviv Polytechnic is an additional co-publisher.

Monographs under the affiliation of WSI-E in Rzeszów

  1. Modelling and visualization of 3D data on the basis of photogrammetric measurements and laser scanning. Edited by Krystyna Michałowska.
  2. Photogrammetry and laser scanning in 3D modelling.
  3. GIS and remote sensing in environmental monitoring.
  4. Selected problems of surveying engineering.
  5. GNSS technology and its application in implementation and control measurements.
  6. Current problems of real estate management in Poland on the background of organizational and legal changes.
  7. The role of surveying data in selected processes of real estate management.
  8. Land consolidation as a determinant of multifunctional development of rural areas.