Engineer studies in the field of Information Technology and Cyber ​​Security were launched upon the Decision of the Ministry of Science and University Education No.DSW.ZNU.6022.253.3.2015 / 2016.EK / AN of 13 January 2016.

Graduate of 3.5-year Engineer studies with practical profile in the field of Information Technology and Cyber Security will possess theoretical and practical knowledge of programming, security of IT systems and digital forensics. Knowledge of legal aspects of data acquisition and protection will be an additional advantage of graduates.

Completing studies in the field of Information Technology and Cyber Security will allow the graduate to meet all the requirements imposed on services responsible for gathering, processing and analyzing data, particularly digital data using IT systems. This will provide graduates with competences necessary to work for large IT companies or uniformed services, but also will give them the chance to run their own independent business.

Specialization: Programming IT Systems

This specialization will prepare students to design computer software using the most modern programming tools. The graduate will acquire practical skills allowing them to work in any position related to designing, testing, updating or maintaining even very complex software applications and complex IT systems. They will possess competences to create documentation for launching and deploying software.

Specialization: Digital Forensics

This specialization prepares students to create complex applications protecting against data theft, violating its integrity, breaching the confidentiality of proceedings, identity theft or taking control over computer and server software. The essential competence of the graduate is also the ability to monitor risks concerning the aforementioned activities and the knowledge of the legal and administrative framework which makes them a cybercrime specialist.