Upon completion studies in the field of Coaching and Human Resources Management you will be prepared to practice in a profession of:

  • a coach – in small, medium and large companies and to work with individual clients both in Poland and abroad;
  • a specialist in human resources management in public institutions and companies;
  • a specialist in companies dealing with recruitment and job matching on the labour market;
  • a specialist in companies offering trainings and career counseling;
  • and you will be prepared to set up and run your own business.

Upon completion studies in the field of Coaching and Human Resources Management  you will have:

  • developed practical skills and broad theoretical knowledge of human resources management and
  • the knowledge of international standards in human resource management, methods of implementing HR functions in the organization and the skills of: acquiring, developing, evaluating, remunerating and rewarding employees;
  • the ability of the staff administrative handling in accordance with the rules of the binding law;
  • wide knowledge of the key aspects and coaching techniques which you will be able to use in practice;
  • extensive knowledge of the latest coaching strategies and tools preparing to run individual coaching sessions;
    • preparation to run individual coaching sessions according to different types of coaching;
  • knowledge of matching tools and methods of work to the needs and personality of the client thanks to which you will be able to work with clients representing all industry sectors, e.g. finance, media, telecommunication or manufacturing as well as with individual clients, helping them achieve their goals, take responsibility for their development and stimulating their awareness and their professional and personal development;
  • abilities allowing to implement the coaching process in the company;
  • abilities necessary to realize projects in the field of personnel consulting, recruitment and motivation of employees;
  • abilities allowing to develop individual training programs for private clients, business organizations and public institutions.
  • You will be able to work on the highest moral and ethical standards and you will be fully aware of your professional responsibility.

Studies in the field of COACHING AND HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT are provided in cooperation with one of the oldest coaching schools in the world – Noble Manhattan Coaching. After completing the first year of studies, students meet all the requirements to take the certification exam and get the international coach certificate of Noble Manhattan Coaching. From that moment they can start building their own brand as coaches since classes prepare them to build their image on the market in a professional way.